Best Tobacco OOD was established in 2013 in Pirot, Serbia.

Our main activity is the production of empty filtered cigarettes. They are made of quality materials that ensure ease of use and pleasure for our customers.

Our team consists of experts with long years of technical experience and well-established commercial practice. We have our own manufacturing base located in Pirot Free Zone. Using our abilities, we create a business environment that ensures competitive prices.

Best Tobacco OOD has a new manufacturing base meeting all requirements for a high standard of a social package. The modern machines and excellent working conditions are crucial for employing a qualified team. It is our practice to constantly provide opportunities to upgrade the skills of our staff and introduce improvements in the manufacturing process.

Our vision is to expand the manufacturing base, to create new jobs for the people living in the region and to expand our product line.

Our mission is to conform to all requirements for good quality, excellent materials and special attention to the details (package, product design) in order to provide 100% pleasure for our customers.

Every man needs to escape from stress in our busy everyday life. Enjoy your moment with Il Capo. Created specially “FOR HIM”, the strong and self-confident man!

Every woman deserves to feel special, this is why we created a unique product “FOR HER”. With its quality and style, Garda will satisfy even the most demanding woman.

We offer you excellent quality at a good price with Marble.

Feel the pleasure with the new „Impera“.

Пирот, Сърбия

Best Tobacco DOO, Pirot Nikola Pasic str. bb, Pirot 18 300, Serbia

+381 69 45 45 555

+381 10 210 00 86



София, България

Ж.к. Иван Вазов, Бул. Витоша 164, ет. 4, ап. 4

+35987 88 77 997